Miller Wire Works, Inc. manufactures woven wire railing panels custom designed to fit to your application. Woven wire mesh railing panels are good economical and durable ways of meeting building codes for handrails. 

Woven wire mesh panels can be furnished for both existing and new handrails in numerous mesh sizes and wire gauges in 1" X 1/2" X 1/8" hot rolled channel frames.  Some common sizes of mesh are 1 1/2" and 2" square or diamond mesh #10 gauge wire, 2" square mesh #8 or *6 gauge wire, 3" or 4" square mesh 1/4" diameter wire.

Railing panels can be furnished in many variations of mesh and framing.  Mesh pattern can either be square or diamond mesh.  We will gladly quote you on your requirements if you will furnish construction and quantity desired.

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